the Workout

workout1A combination of strength training and bursts of cardio, with lots of core work mixed in, is the magic bullet. This is the fastest, most effective way to get fit and change your body.

Working out goes way beyond the physical! The biggest mistake you can make is to get fixated with a number on a scale that you don’t even understand. Exercise is nature’s anti-depressant. In particular, High Intensity Interval Training has a profound effect on the emotional and mental well-being of my clients. I integrate boxing into almost every workout as a stress-reliever. Exercise allows you to let go, get lost in the activity and while you’re not even conscious of it a lot of the time, eliminate tension and turmoil from your mind.

Variety is key! In order to get outstanding results, you have to continuously surprise your muscles. It’s also known as muscle confusion and that’s why none of my workouts are ever the same and I change the format incessantly. No matter how long you train with me you’ll never do the same workout twice!

Stretching is vital! It’s easy to skip over the stretching at the end of a workout, but muscles need to be flexible in order to be strong and healthy. I stretch all my clients for 10 minutes after exercising. This is an important time, not only to lengthen out your muscles, which in turn helps with injury prevention, but it’s time to bring your heart rate down, relax, feel good about what you just did… take a minute to congratulate yourself and have a moment of serenity before you’re out the door and back into that crazy world.

Sessions are typically an hour, but can be shorter or longer depending on the client.