my Story

studio2I was born and raised in Africa, and moved to London in my twenties, where I turned my love of exercise and a life-long passion for health and fitness, into a career.

I studied Personal Training and Pilates in London in 2004 and ran a thriving business for five years before moving to Minnesota in 2010. I’ve been coaching clients out of my Linden Hills home studio ever since.

Would you like to see a total transformation in how your body looks, feels and performs? Are you searching for a workout that gets results and leaves you energized, motivated and wanting more?

For anyone who prefers a one-on-one coaching experience or for those with limited time and unpredictable schedules, personal training is the answer. Sharing your session with your partner or a friend is a fun, cost effective way to still get the benefits of a private workout.

My clients’ success is everything to me. Whatever the goal, my job is to make sure we achieve that goal together.

I know firsthand the profound effect a regular exercise program can have on one’s mind, body and soul. I am passionate about what I do – my biggest thrill is seeing my clients transform their bodies and become better, healthier people.

Most of my clients are busy people with tight schedules and exercise is often the first thing to go, so it’s important to me that I work with my clients to make it happen. I pride myself on being as flexible as I possibly can when scheduling!