Within the first month of training with Samantha, I felt better during the day and slept well through the night. I began moving with strength and grace (well, most of the time…). I felt embodied from head to toe. Now, several months later, I can’t imagine where I’d be without my morning workouts. My whole body is in a gentle but powerful process of reclamation and reshaping. Not a bad way to move onward into Mid-Life with all it has to offer. I’ve worked with other trainers whose styles don’t hold up to what Samantha brings to my workouts. It goes without saying Sam knows her stuff and keeps routines fresh and challenging. She has a great sense of timing – developing my strength and agility without lingering too long in a skill set I’ve mastered. She attends to concerns particular to the physicality of a woman and trains accordingly. Not all trainers do this or do it well. What truly sets Sam apart is not only her attunement to the needs of my body and spirit, but her respect for me as a person as well. No doubt she creatively tailors workouts to accommodate the individuality and eccentricities of each client. Fortunate are we who have found her. I continue to train with Samantha. I invite anyone who’s serious about their health and well-being to do the same.”

Kate, Minneapolis, Minnesota