Seven months ago I dragged myself into Sam’s studio weighing 260lbs, carrying a 49″ waist and not feeling very good about myself at all. Today I’m weighing in at 192lbs and shopping for size 38″ jeans. Was it all Sam and her studio, nope, getting back in shape is the same as achieving anything else in life, you also have to want to do this as an individual, but Sam and her studio have played a very big part in both my physical and mental turnaround with regards to health and fitness.

Sam’s sessions have a good mix of cardio and weights with enough variety from session to session to keep it interesting, and her home studio has everything you need to reach your health and fitness goals. Sam herself is a pleasure to work with, possesses deep knowledge of exercise programs and the human body, and also understands the importance of warming up and warming down as part of the total workout. Sam has also shown me that she can tailor your workouts to help you with a particular sport you are trying to improve in. Although I have reached the goals I initially outlined when I first met Sam, I continue to visit her studio twice a week because I find the sessions enjoyable and it also helps keep me on the straight and narrow from a fitness perspective.

If you are looking to get a little fitter, lose some weight or improve in your sporting endeavors, Sam and her studio can help, and I encourage you to call for a consultation to see for yourself.”

David – Edina, Minnesota