Andi and Kelly

Yoga, Snap Fitness, Curves…..between the two of us, we’ve tried it all. Sometimes we stuck with it a few months and sometimes we made it just a few days. We always found ourselves back at square one.

That is until we met Sam!

My wife had been lamenting that even though she was doing a great job losing weight, she wasn’t gaining any muscle and dreaded joining a gym. I said let’s check out this gal, Sam Perry. Kelly assumed it’d be a week or so before we met with her and so she was quite surprised when I said “get your workout gear on, we’re going to Sam’s this afternoon!”

That was two years ago. Some days we are totally motivated and can’t wait to get over to the studio, but the truth is most days it’s just plain hard work to get out of the house. There is something about Sam that keeps us coming back regardless of our mood.

Sam is truly invested in our success. She wants to see us achieve our goals and she inspires us to work towards them. She is gentle and tough and she is funny and kind. She is innovative and cautious around injuries. And we promise you wont get bored.

Sam has inspired confidence in both of us. We are stronger and we both stand up a little taller thanks to her. You will pant, you will scream, you will swear, you will cry and you will laugh and you will always get a healthy workout at Samantha’s Fitness Studio!”

Andi and Kelly
(we work out together at Sam’s Fitness Studio 2-3 days a week)